ServicePlus – Best Service Centers

Buying that glamorous bike/car available in the market is not at all difficult, But, Maintaining that thing is. With great power comes greater difficulty to maintain it. Anybody who owns a car or a bike would hands down agree with me and would have probably lost trust and hope on their authorized service center and would have started to look for alternatives.


I also went through the same situations and ventured into the wild looking for a service center for my motorcycle. It is not tough to find anything these days with Google being nice to everybody but unlike every time, Facebook helped me this time. I saw an ad for a workshop called ServicePlus and to my surprise, they were even in the close vicinity of my home. So, the usual drill, gave them a call, talked to them and gave my bike for service and was mighty impressed with their job. So, unlike any other normal human being who would just make them their default workshop, I went a step further and tried shooting a documentary on them.

So, ServicePlus is quite an interesting company which services and maintains motorcycles and runs a living. They have their own approach combining technology and giving the best user experience. They even have a 7 day warranty period for their service which is commendable.


They even let me peep into their workshop which had four bays to service the same amount of bikes at a time. They even organize a lot of workshops on off-road riding and service and maintenance workshops.


I highly suggest anybody these guys looking for an alternative to their factory service center.

They are situated at


32, 4th Ave, 11th Avenue, AK Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040


Watch the video here