Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017, Chennai

Okay, How do I start? September 24, 2017, The last Sunday of the month. It was the day of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and calling it awesome would be a definite understatement. Bikes and people dressed in their best attire were present to spice up the event. It was my first year participating and riding in the event. The bikes, oh boy, Lots and lots of Royal Enfield (as expected), Triumphs, Two Javas which were literally roaring in the crowd and marking their presence and a few other modern bikes like Kawasaki and Suzuki were present to grace the evening. The first meet spot was Harbour City Motors – Triumph, Egmore, Chennai. I was there by 3:15 pm and as expected, I was late. Lots of people were already there and I quickly got to work, capturing people’s emotions and fun with my camera. Mr. Sarthak, Mr. Prateek, and Mr. Nihal were the hosts and they were addressing the crowd with the registration instructions and the fairly simple route map. It was a 30 odd kilometer ride from the Triumph dealership to Ilara Spa and resort. It was epic to ride with an action camera strapped to your chest and to get the occasional double take from people on road. That aside, It was, even more, epic to be a part of the ride for a cause creating awareness and fundraising for prostate cancer. Till date, the event has raised over 4.5 million dollars worldwide which is a big thing by itself. 

Ilara spa and resort, a very photogenic place, to be honest, was the place for us to chill for the rest of the evening. Bikes parked in a row, a lightbox with a backdrop to click pictures, and of course food, but all these were available to the bikers who paid for the fundraising. Mr. Prateek hopped on the stage to explain the origin of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride which had its infancy all the way in Sydney, Australia. It is an interesting little story so I request you to watch the video. Then we had Stand-up comedy by “Soda” which was pretty hilarious and relatable and then came the good guitar music by “Stevey”. There was also a segment where we could get an insight into the experiences of the bikers. One gentleman shared his experience of riding to Ladakh. There was a Royal Enfield which was modified by K R Customs and Mr. Aneesh, who was behind it, had his talking on the stage. Finally, just before the night rain, there was the award section which was good.

On the whole, it was a new experience to encounter and to meet a lot of interesting people with great bikes and great stories. Before I sign off here, I would like to point out that next time, I would ride in the event for sure and also help with what I can do for the fundraising. Before you go, please check out the video I made on the event. Thank you.